2017 Boys Fighting Irish Results

3rd Grade Boys:

Champs: Goshen 3-1

Runner Up: Michigan Triple Threat 2-2

Rest of 3rd Grade Teams:

Lansing United 2-2

Indiana MBA 0-4

4th Grade Boys:

Champs: The Rock Orange 5-0

Runner: Indiana MBA Green 2-2

Rest of 4th Grade Teams:

Quest 4-1

Indiana MBA Black 1-3

Antelope Elite Red 0-4

5th Grade Boys Gold Bracket:

Champs: Indiana MBA Black 5-0

Runner Up: GL Warriors 3-2

5th Grade Silver Bracket:

Champs: Rise as One 3-2

Runner Up: Lansing United 3-3

Rest of 5th Grade Teams:

Quest 3-1

Antelope Elite Orange 3-2

Indy Heat United 3-2

Antelope Elite White 2-2

GR Panthers 2-3

Legacy-Ky 0-4

Indiana MBA Green 0-4

6th Grade Gold Bracket:

Champs: Indiana MBA 5-0

Runner Up: Sky Diggs Soldiers 4-1

6th Grade Silver Bracket:

Champs: River City Phantoms 4-2

Runner Up: Quest 2-3

Rest of 6th Grade Teams:

FBC 3-1

Indy Heat United 3-2

GL Warriors 2-2

Club 1 Bricker 2-3

The Rock Orange 1-3

GR Falcons 0-4

Michigan Triple Threat 0-5

7th Grade Gold Bracket:

Champs:Oakland Elite 5-0

Runner Up: Quest 4-1

7th Grade Silver Bracket

Champs: Michigan Roadrunners 3-2

Runner Up: Region Select 1-4

Rest of 7th Grade Teams:

Indiana MBA Black 3-1

Antelope Elite Orange 3-3

FBC 2-2

GR MBA Blue Luster 1-3

Indiana MBA Green 1-3

Antelope Elite White 0-4

8th Grade Gold Bracket:

Champs: Region Select 5-0

Runner Up: Indy Heat United-Red 5-1

8th Grade Silver Bracket:

Champs: SB Elite Academy 3-2

Runner Up: GR United 3-3

Rest of 8th Grade Teams:

The Rock Orange 4-1

WM Lakers 3-1

Team Illinoiz 3-2

Indiana MBA Black 2-2

Michigan Triple Threat 2-2

GR MBA Blue-Conlon 2-2

Game Time 2-2

Michigan Triple Threat 2-3

Indy Heat United Black 1-3

GR MBA Blue Susan 1-3

Ball Out Boys 1-4

Storm Coming 1-5

Indiana MBA Green 0-4