2016 Boys Winter Classic Results

4th Grade:  FA 2025 wins it as goes 5-0 in the process

The Rock goes 3-2 and is runner up

Ind MBA Select Black goes 1-3

Ind MBA Select Green goes 0-4

5th Grade:  FA 2024 is Gold Champs at 5-0

CMB wins the Silver Bracket and goes 3-2

FBC goes 3-2

Flints Finest goes 3-2

Ind MBA Select goes 2-2

The Rock Orange goes 2-2

Vapors go 0-4

The Rock White go 0-4 as well

6th Grade:  FA Pappadakis wins going 4-0

Ind MBA Select is runner up going 3-2

The Rock Orange goes 2-2

Greg Grant goes 1-1

Vapors go 1-3

The Rock White goes 1-3

7th Grade:  Flints Finest are champs and go 4-1

Ind MBA Select runner up and go 3-1

Vapors go 1-3