2019 Girls Super Power Results

4th/5th Grade Platinum Bracket:

Champs: West Michigan Drive Crosby 5-0

Runner Up: North Oakland Wolfpack 3-2

6th Grade Platinum Bracket:

Champs: West Michigan Drive Vinson 5-0

Runner Ups: Michigan Premier 4-1

6th Grade Gold Bracket:

Champs: Ballers Elite 3-2

Runner Ups: Hamm Hoops 0-4

7th Grade Platinum Bracket:

Champs: Michigan Premier 5-0

Runner Ups: Always 100 Paul 3-2

7th Grade Gold Bracket:

Champs: Michigan Premier White 4-0

Runner Ups: MBA Select 1-3

8th Grade Platinum Bracket:

Champs: Midwest Power 5-0

Runner Ups: Mid Michigan Wolves 4-1

8th Grade Gold Bracket:

Champs: Co Champs both West Michigan Drive teams opted to not play each other Daye was 2-2 and Taylor was 2-3

9th Grade Platinum Bracket:

Champs: Michigan’s Finest Blue Rob 6-0

Runner Ups: Michigan Premier Blue 4-1

10th Grade Platinum Bracket:

Champs: Michigan Cagers Billy 6-0

Runner Ups: Elite Nation Basketball 4-2

11th Grade Platinum Bracket:

Champs: MBA Select 4-0

Runner Ups: Michigan Premier White 4-1

Best of all the Rest

4th/5th Grade Teams

Midwest Power 5-1

CCE White 5th 4-1

Hamm Hoops 2-3

Michigan’s Finest 1-3

Jackson Jets 0-3

CCE Blue 4th 1-4

West Michigan Drive 4th 0-4

6th Grade Teams:

Michigan’s Finest 2-2

Midwest Power 2-2

West Michigan Drive Vantimmerman 1-2

CCE White 0-4

7th Grade Teams:

West Michigan Drive Copeland 4-1

Michigan’s Finest Blue 3-2

Michigan’s Finest Orange 2-2

West Michigan Drive Brown 1-3

Midwest Power 1-3

CCE White 0-4

8th Grade Teams

GR Rage 3-0

Michigan Cagers 3-2

Michigan’s Finest Blue 3-2

Ohio Lady Warriors 2-2

Toledo Thunder 1-3

Michigan Premier 1-3

Huron Lakers 0-4

Hamm Hoops 0-4

9th Grade Teams:

Michigan Premier White 4-1

Jackson Jets 4-2

NuVision Sportz 2022 2-2

Michigan Triple Threat 1-3

West Michigan Evolution 1-4

MBA Select 0-4

Wallaceburg Airhawks 0-5

10th Grade Teams:

MBA Select Coatie 3-1

Greg Grant 2-2

MBA Select Abdullah 2-3

Michigan Cagers Metro 1-3

Motivational Movement Goodwell 1-4

Motivational Movement Markee 0-4

11th Grade Teams:

Michigan Premier Blue 3-2

Wallaceburg Airhawks 2-3

Jackson Jets 0-3

London 86ers 0-4