2019 Boys All American Combine

23 Elite


The Boys All American Combine:


 23 Elite is creating a nationally recognized All-American Basketball combine to promote the skills of top level younger players across the country. Based on coach evaluations and observations, we would like to invite you to this prestigious camp. The 23 Elite All American Combine is by invite only. The goal is to attract top level players from national clubs and also recognized highly skilled players that are looking to be acknowledged on the national level.

  23 Elite is intentionally keeping this combine small in an effort to provide a first class experience for all players and their families. Space is extremely limited and will be in high demand. We will only accept 28 players from the 2025 class, 64 players from the combine classes of 2023 & 2024, and finally 28 players from the combine classes of 2022 & 2021 This will ensure a well ran combine with an immense amount of interaction and exposure for all players involved.

 The combine will be high energy and consist of a variety of drill work, skill set testing as well as cutting edge film study, and health and wellness for all players  as well as games. Players will be exposed to all types of game like situations, including all defensive strategies. The goal is to evaluate how they handle each pressure situation and identify specific areas that need development in and effort to improve their game and make them more valuable in the College recruiting process.

 If you are interested in attending the 23 Elite All American Combine, please contact me by phone or email asap so we can talk

 We wish you all the best of luck in the upcoming season and we look forward to seeing you at the combine


23 Elite

Starting Jan 1 I will start to update with players committed as well as the camp itinerary for all to see:

2019 Boys All American Combine:

Date: June 14th-16th

Location: Lansing, Michigan

Facilities: Aim High Sports

Price: $395 per player

Classes: 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, & 2025 only

2019 Boys All American Combine Contact Info:

Cell: 517-281-5867 (Darren)

Email: 23elite@cox.net

Twitter: 23elite23