Breakout Baller’s Classic

 Breakout Baller’s Classic is a Boys Event that will be a must for all travel teams to play in for years to come.  23 Elite has launched a new Scouting Service called Break Out Baller’s and this will be the first event that we are doing.  As most of you know Monty from Michigan Triple Threat and I do the Spartan Classic event that has grown into one of the best events in the country and up to 350 teams.  I want this to be that big event for younger/older teams that you put on your calendar for the Spring that grows into that type of event as well.  Great area in South bend, and I am doing this event on my own so would really like your support in growing this event.

Breakout Baller’s Classic has a “stay to Play” policy for this event because of how big it is with lots of travel teams.  This requires all participants (teams & guest) in need of hotel accommodations must make their reservations through TBD Travel Services.  This is a complimentary service & makes securing rooms quick & easy.  It is required that teams book their housing through this service to ensure placement in this event.  Teams and Individuals can phone or email TBD Travel Services at 515-207-4910 or toll free at 1-855-TeamTVL, or email at

Breakout Baller’s Classic Event Info:

Date: May 19th & 20th

Location: South Bend, Indiana

Facilities: Area Gyms in South Bend Area

Gender: Boys Only

Age Groups: 6th-11th Grade

Game Guarantee: 4

Format: Pool Play followed by Bracket Play

Awards: 1st Place

Price: $425 per team

 Breakout Baller’s Classic Contact Info:

Cell: 517-281-5867


Twitter: 23elite23